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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer free standard shipping on all orders. We know how exciting it is to receive new pieces for your home, so we work hard to make sure you get them quickly. To avoid any delays, please double check that all of your delivery information is correct when placing your order. If not, we may need to contact you for additional information.  

To track your order:

1. Log into "My Account".

2. Click on "My Orders".

3. Find the item you want to view.

4. Click "Track Order Details"

5. If your order has "Shipped", select "TRACK" and you will be redirected to the carriers website which will show where your order is.

Return & Exchange Policy

If you find that you no longer want your order after it has been shipped, please collect the parcel from your delivery point and return it to us. Once your order has shipped, we are not responsible for delays or undeliverable items by any 3rd party shipping company.  You may need to contact them directly for these types of issues and who the 3rd party shipping company is, will be included in your shipping information located in your account on this website.

Our return address is at the Construction Management Group of Washington showroom in Castle Rock, WA.  Please call (360) 940-3151 for return directions.

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